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Terrasses de Perret Gris

New Selection!  A rosé made from 100% Grenache Gris, a southern French wine grape use mostly for rosés, but not too common.  Bright and full of light fruit flavors, something you don't find every day!

Pricing Per Bottle (750 ml)
$13.00 / Bottle

Terrasses de Perret Gris
About This Wine:
Les Vignerons du Pic and Cellier du Pic are cooperative wineries owned by grape growers in and around the villages of Assas, Baillargues, Claret, and Saint-Gély-du Fesc north of Montpellier. The co-ops now produce wine from several Languedoc appellations. These include named appellations such as Pic St Loup (the distinctively-shaped mountain that gives its name to the area), Languedoc Grès de Montpellier (the Château d'Assas reds you'll find on our everyday reds and reds to impress pages), AOC/AOP Languedoc, and also wines classified as Pays d'Oc IGP. Pays d’Oc is another name for the Languedoc region, and also a nod to Occitan, an old language that’s still spoken in those parts.

The co-op’s Pays d'Oc wines are mostly single varietals crafted as everyday wines, and First Vine is the first U.S. importer of them from this producer. Gris is a rosé made from 100% Grenache Gris, or Gray Grenache. It’s not the same as Grenache Noir (red-wine Grenache) or White Grenache – it’s a red grape but has a pinkish-gray look to the skin. It’s made almost exclusively into rosé, and generally just in France and Corsica, and generally as a blend with other grape varietals.

The color of the wine can vary from very pale to robust pink, depending on the color of the skins. Aged in steel, it has a good amount of acidity, but it’s still got softness to it and is and eminently drinkable. Best of all, you can have something many people have never heard of – that doesn’t happen every day!
Wine Profile:
Vintage: 2017
Wine Type: Rosé Wine
Varietal: Pays d'Oc Rosé
Appellation: Le Cellier du Pic
Alcohol %: 12.5

Food Pairing:
Summer foods, vegetable dishes, grilled fish, salads, white pizza

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