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Bois de Montlobre

 New Selection!  A lush, bold, earthy wine that's 80% Grenache, 20% Syrah, aged in concrete.  Truly a treat!

Pricing Per Bottle (750 ml)
$15.00 / Bottle

Bois de Montlobre
About This Wine:
Les Vignerons du Pic and Cellier du Pic are cooperative wineries owned by grape growers in and around the villages of Assas, Baillargues, Claret, and Saint-Gély-du Fesc north of Montpellier. The co-ops now produce wine from several Languedoc appellations. These include named appellations such as Pic St Loup (the distinctively-shaped mountain that gives its name to the area), Languedoc Grès de Montpellier (the Château d'Assas reds you'll find on our everyday reds and reds to impress pages), AOC/AOP Languedoc, and also wines classified as Pays d'Oc IGP. Pays d’Oc is another name for the Languedoc region, and also a nod to Occitan, an old language that’s still spoken in those parts.

Bois de Montlobre – or the forest of Montlobre, a name for an area northwest of Montpellier -- is a new wine from the co-op. It’s 80% Grenache, 20% Syrah, aged in concrete. It’s rich, almost full-bodied, with an unparalleled earthiness to it. (The forest name is an apt one for this wine.) As is often the case with Grenache, there are smells and tastes of violets at first, followed by dark, ripe fruits with hints of leather and tobacco. The Syrah adds a little spice as well. Truly a treat!
Wine Profile:
Vintage: 2017
Wine Type: Bold Red Wine
Varietal: AOP Languedoc Red
Appellation: Les Vignerons du Pic, Assas (Languedoc)
Alcohol %: 13.5

Food Pairing:
Barbecue, pizza, onion tart and onion dip, mushrooms, eggplant, potato dishes (creamy or not)

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